advanced packagin diagrams

Advanced packaging: the future of semiconductors

Today’s circuit designers treat the package as an integral part of the product.  The right package can improve size, functionality, power budget, performance, reliability, security, and cost.  Nhanced enables several cutting-edge packaging technologies:

  • 3D: Wafer-on-wafer
  • 3D: Die-on-wafer
  • 3D: Package-on-package
  • 2.5D: Organic interposer
  • 2.5D: Silicon interposer
  • 2.5D: Smart interposer

All of these can integrate mixed substrates, geometries, and processes in a single device.  This heterogeneous integration opens a new world of design possibilities.  For the first time, disparate “incompatible” elements can exist within a single circuit.

Different packaging technologies can also work together, as suggested in the diagram above.  For example, a 3D chip can become part of a 2.5D interposer assembly; die stacks can be bumped and flip-chipped; interposers can even be mounted onto other interposers.

The “right” packaging technology is the one that optimizes the product for its intended use.  Talk to us about your project.  We can help you achieve the ideal solution.