About Us

Nhanced Semiconductors

NHanced Semiconductors, Inc., was originally launched as a spin-off of Tezzaron Semiconductor Corporation. In the course of developing its advanced 3D memory devices Tezzaron amassed a deep library of technical expertise in cutting edge semiconductor technologies.  NHanced now implements and expands this expertise in many directions, under the leadership of 3D pioneer Bob Patti.

Our engineers have solid experience in advanced packaging and semiconductor design: 3D-ICs, silicon interposers, 2.5D, additive silicon manufacturing, photonics, microfluidics, and other innovative solutions.  We work with a large variety of materials, over 70 elements, including III-V compound semiconductors, graphene, and carbon nanotubes.

NHanced has its own 25,000 square foot development and manufacturing facility for in-house process development, customer prototyping, and small volume manufacturing.  We have good working relationships with other semiconductor foundries as well as vendors, packaging companies, and other useful entities that provide product development and manufacturing solutions.