About Us

Nhanced Semiconductors

NHanced Semiconductors, Inc., was launched as a spin-off of Tezzaron Semiconductor Corporation. In the course of developing its advanced 3D memory devices Tezzaron amassed a deep library of technical expertise in cutting edge semiconductor technologies.  Tezzaron continues to develop and manufacture memory devices with specific focus on its flagship DiRAM4 products; NHanced Semi exists to implement and expand this expertise in other directions.

Our engineers have solid experience in advanced packaging and semiconductor design: 3D-ICs, silicon interposers, 2.5D, additive silicon manufacturing, photonics, microfluidics, and other innovative solutions.  We also work with a large variety of materials, over 70 elements, including III-V compound semiconductors, graphene, and carbon nanotubes.  NHanced has good working relationships with semiconductor foundries, vendors, packaging companies, and other useful entities that provide product development and manufacturing solutions.